I began blogging again on the 4th of September.  As a result, viewership slowly climbed.

From the 4th until this day, I have promoted my blog posts for free to Facebook groups related to “writing”, “self-publishing” and “marketing books”.

On September 13th, I got my first spike by promoting my blog to my 393,000 Udemy students via an educational announcement.  I repeated this on the 18th.

On September 23rd, the big spike, I sent another Udemy educational announcement and bought 200 visitors per day for 30 days (6,000 total visitors) for $40 to my website from what I hope to be a reputable vendor (things are going great so far).  More to follow if things pan out…

On September 26th, I sent my last Udemy educational announcement and paid $175 for another 2,000 visitors per day (another 60,000 visitors per month) from the same traffic vendor.

I hope to see you in the classroom,