For website traffic, you have two options: generate organic traffic or buy traffic.  Most people opt for generating organic traffic because it’s free.  However, organic traffic actually costs a lot of time and money and isn’t as robust as purchased traffic.

In this post, I explain the difference between organic and paid website traffic and suggest why paid traffic is actually the better choice and why you don’t even want to waste your time trying to generate organic traffic.

How Organic Traffic Works

Organic website traffic is free traffic that comes naturally from ranking high in Google search results.  Each page of your website ranks in Google search results based on two factors:  on-page SEO and backlinks.

On-page SEO involves stuffing long-tailed keywords into your post to define the words for which you want your post to rank.

Gathering backlinks involves getting websites with domain authority to link to your website to share their link juice with you.

To improve on-page SEO, I recommend installing the Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress website.  Yoast adds information to your post page to prompt you through the process of adding keywords to your website to rank.

To improve off-page SEO, you have the options of guest blogging or buying links.

How Paid Traffic Words

Buy your traffic and the vendor sends thousands of visitors to your website.  It really is that simple.  Why would you work so hard to generate organic traffic when paid traffic is so inexpensive?

Which Costs Less and Is More Effective?

Organic traffic takes too much time and effort to generate.  Time and effort equate to money.  I recommend you buy your traffic rather than expending any effort going after organic traffic.  Another alternative is to go after both sources of traffic if you’ve got the time.

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