Not sure what to write?  Why not base what you write on what you enjoy writing?  Fiction writing is composed of three key elements: plot, people and places.  The amount of each of these elements you add to your story goes a long way toward defining your writing genre.  It also defines what you like to write.

In this post, I present the fiction writing genre Venn diagram and discuss where the various writing genres fall on the diagram.

Writing Genre Venn Diagram for Fiction

Here is the writing genre Venn diagram for fiction.

Writing genres for fiction

Fiction Writing Genres

Suspense: Primarily involves plot and action.

Romance: Primarily involves people and relationships.

Science Fiction: Primarily involves places and props.

Fantasy: A mix of people and places.

Thriller: A mix of plot and exciting places.

Horror: A mix of plot and people.

Mystery: A mix of all three.

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