A lot of visitors have asked me, “What makes Author Blog and Review so fast?”.  After all, this is a standard WordPress website.  The secret to my success is that I’ve used the following services to make this site scream.

Hostinger Business Class Hosting

Short of ordering a dedicated server, I ordered the fastest web service from my hosting provider, Hostinger.  Business class hosting costs more than entry level hosting or even premium hosting, but, unlike these other hosting options, it dedicates a lot of CPU capacity and memory to your website.

WP Rocket Caching

WP Rocket is the fastest caching plugin for WordPress.  This plugin loads pages from disk into memory to respond quicker to customer request for pages.  The plugin costs quite a bit but is worth it given the blazing speed provided simply by enabling this plugin.

WP CDN Distribution

One step further than WP Rocket is WP CDN, a content distribution network that moves the source of the information closer to the consumer.  A CDN network distributes your website to servers closer to your customers, including Europe and Asia.  This produces blazing performance not only for the United States users, but for consumers of your information worldwide.

Imagify Image Compression

Finally, I use a WordPress plugin named Imagify to compress all my website images by 50%.  This provides an incredible performance boost to the site.

I’ll see you in the classroom,