Amazon Vella: Self-publishing eBooks One Chapter at a Time

How would you like to be a published author by the end of the day? I’m talking about from scratch, meaning you haven’t written a word yet, let alone an entire book. You don’t have a book cover. You don’t even have a plot yet. From scratch – as in a dead halt. In just eight hours, you can be a published author.

And not just anywhere, but on the largest book retailer in the world: Amazon. And not just in any format, but in the hottest format in the world: eBook.

And what if I was to tell you that your book would be targeted at the fastest growing reading platform in the world: Mobile devices (AKA cellphones). It turns out that cell phone readers are hungry for short fiction on the move, and Amazon is releasing the platform that satisfies that hunger.

Finally, what if I was to tell you that you had your best odds of becoming an Amazon bestseller on this particular platform because the platform is brand new?

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s all true, and it’s all free.

So, do you have eight hours to spare?

Welcome to Amazon Vella, the self-publishing platform that allows you to self-publish your books a chapter at a time.