I’m a great believer in Do It Yourself.  Copy editing, book covers, publishing and marketing. You name it; I do it myself.

What I’m doing in all these instances is spending time to save money.  Instead of spending money hiring professional copy editors, book cover designers, publishers and marketers, I’m doing it all myself.

However, there are limits… aren’t there?  Sometimes, it’s better spending money to save time.  I can’t think of any example right off the top of my head, but give me a moment…

Anyway, time is money.

Be sure to evaluate your time versus the cost of paying someone else to do it.

Time and money are the same.  Once you figure out the exchange rate, you can easily convert time to money… and visa-versa.

Don’t spend an inordinate amount of time on something that you can easily take care of with a little money.

Don’t spend inordinate amounts of money on something you can easily do yourself.  Besides, it’s often fun to do-it-yourself.

Time is money.

I’ll see you in the classroom,