I recently switched from originating content to promoting the content I already have.  I’m targeting three areas with my promotional efforts: sale of my wife’s over 100 Kindle e-books, sale of my online video training courses and directing traffic to my blog.

In this post, I outline my most recent promotional efforts.

Amazon Kindle E-book Promotion

I’ve published well over 100 e-books written by my wife, Melanie Jackson.  I use three techniques to promote her books 2-3 times per week.

Amazon Free and Countdown Promotions: By entering my wife’s books into the KDP select program, I can run free and discount book promotions on Amazon.  I run such promotions weekly feature a different book series each week.  I like to make the first book in a series free and the rest of the book $0.99.

My Wife’s Mailing List: I advertise my wife’s book promotions to her mailing list of over 500 readers at least twice a week.  This generates the bulk of her book sales.

Facebook Book Group Promotion: I searched Facebook for groups about “book promotion” and promote my book sales multiple times per week.

Udemy Online Video Training Course Promotion

I have approximately 30 training videos that I market on a daily basis.

Udemy Discount Promotions: I discount multiple courses per week to $9.99 using Udemy discount coupons.

Udemy Promotional Announcements: Udemy provides their own internal email communications network that I use to promote my discount courses multiple times a week.

My Mailing List: I promote my discount courses to my mailing list of over 120 members.

Facebook Udemy Course Group Promotion: I searched Facebook for groups about “Udemy discount” and promote my course sales multiple time per week.

Directing Traffic to My Blog

I now have over 100 posts on my blog and I’ve loaded it with advertising banners.  All that’s left to do is direct traffic to my blog.

Post Daily: I try to post at least once per day to keep fresh content flowing.

Organic Traffic with Yoast SEO: I perform SEO on my posts using the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin attempting to generate organic Google search traffic.

Buying Traffic: I bought visits from 2,000 readers per day from a website traffic vendor.

I’ll see you in the classroom,