When it comes to hosting your online video training courses, there are three broad categories, or tiers, of options as explained in this blog post.

Free Course Hosting

These platforms drive traffic to your courses for a hefty percentage of the sales revenue (e.g. 75%).


Pros: These platforms bring traffic to your courses.
Cons: You have to sell a lot of cheap courses ($9.99).

Paid Course Hosting

These platforms charge a fixed rate and a small percentage of the sales revenue for hosting.  They drive no traffic to your courses.


Pros: You own your student list and make higher percentages of the sales revenue.
Cons: You need to bring traffic to your courses.

Self-hosting on WordPress

This option offers ultimate control by selling courses from your WordPress website.


Pros: Ultimate control of your school.
Cons: Greatly increased complexity and administrative overhead (e.g. returns).

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