This is a post about a free Microsoft Excel workbook named the Book Planner.  Use Book Planner to automate the book scheduling and tracking process.  Complete the planning task, that used to take hours, in a matter of minutes.  Continue to use the planner while writing to track your progress toward completing your book.

This tool is an essential resource for anyone attempting to build a career writing books.

Book Planner Usage Tips

Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to navigate between sheets in this workbook.  Use the Data sheet to record your work sessions.

Remember to only type in the white cells (colored cells contain generated output).

Book Planner Free Resource Links

Here’s the Google Drive free download link:

Alternately, open the workbook in Google Sheets with this link:

I also created a web page for the tool that provides download links:

Finally, I wrote a short guide on using the tool that you can download for free from BookFunnel:

Enjoy the tool and send feedback via email to