I recently acquired my first Morse code bracelet.  The hidden message was “Not today, Satan!”

Since I’m older, I immediately gravitated to this message.  My interpretation, as I explained to my wife, was that I knew Satan was coming for me, but not today!

To my surprise, my wife offered an alternative interpretation.  Satan will not tempt me today.

My wife’s interpretation kind of pissed me off because the other Morse code bracelet I got read “Bad Ass”.

Now I ask you.  Which combination works for you?

  • “You won’t tempt me today, Satan” + “Bad Ass”
  • “You won’t take me to Hell today, Satan” + “Bad Ass”

Here’s what I did: I dropped wearing the “Bad Ass” bracelet.

Why?  Two primary reasons:

  1. I’m not a badass.
  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea to tempt Satan… too much.

So, I currently wear a bracelet on my right wrist that reads “Not Today, Satan!” because I won’t be tempted today :-(.

My wife, Melanie, informs me that the quote comes from “The Devil’s Rain” (1975) and was uttered by William Shatner (none other than Captain Kirk).

Melanie also wants me to show you her pretty version of my bracelet.

Not Today, Satan!

I’ll see you in the classroom,